Subaru's car-making philosophy puts people first

Subaru’s people-first approach to car making is born from the ethos we cultivated as an aircraft maker — that of the uncompromising pursuit of safety and drivability.


Moving safely, swiftly and comfortably - that is the essence of a car. For this purpose, Subaru has come to develop rational and functional design that constantly pursues the finest performance.


Subaru’s design philosophy of “Safety First” comes from the company’s roots in aircraft manufacturing, and we have been carrying out collision tests with consideration for pedestrian protection since the days of our first production vehicles (such as the Subaru 360 in the 1960s).


Our design philosophy: Adapting to the continuously changing environment while standing firm in rooted values. Subaru was originally an aerospace manufacturer in an industry that demands the highest levels of safety, dynamic performance and efficiency in packaging.


Subaru’s people-first approach to car-making is supported by the people behind our manufacturing. Our engineers are proud of their unmatched skill and high level of teamwork, and they bring to each and every car they build an uncompromising focus on quality.